Recently, I won a Taylor Swift contest through my radio station. One of my prizes was a Taylor Swift prize pack, and because of that and some complications, I’ve ended up with more than my fair share of Wonderstruck. (Seriously, I have a lifetime supply now). Since I still haven’t even made a dent in the bottle I got for Christmas, I decided to give away one of the ones I won! I don’t have it here at my dorm with me, so there’s a picture of when I got one of my prize packs with Wonderstruck in it. You also get a copy of Speak Now Deluxe Edition! Here are da rulez:

  • Following me would be really nice. :)
  • Open to the U.S. only. Sorry, I can’t afford shipping internationally! :(
  • You can like and reblog as many times as you want!
  • But no “reblog-only” blogs… I’ll check.
  • I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner on September 20, 2012… a few days before I start another Taylor Swift related giveaway!
  • Good luck!
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